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  • The Ionian Dominion

    The empire that dominated [[Ashalar]] and other lands prior to the [[The Starless Night | plague]]. Also, the principle of sovereignty upon which the empire was founded, as documented in the [[Articles of Dominion]]. It was founded when the [[Kayn …

  • Ashalar

    A continent in the world of [[Mithras]], as it was known to the Ionian tribes of the east. The land is mountainous, with dense forests in the high land and rich farmland nearer the coast. Thick jungle covers the peninsulas and islands to the south, and …

  • Teneria

    The desert that covers much of the interior of [[Ashalar]]. A wide strip of desert called the Divide extends from the desert core south of the mountains, reaching to the ocean and seperating Ashalar from the lands to the south.

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