A continent in the world of Mithras, as it was known to the Ionian tribes of the east. The land is mountainous, with dense forests in the high land and rich farmland nearer the coast. Thick jungle covers the peninsulas and islands to the south, and to the north and east is an endless barren tundra. Seperating Ashalar from the south is Teneria, a forbidding desert that stretches far into the interior of the continent.


Historians believe that elves and halflings were the first inhabitants of Ashalar, prior to being settled by the Ionian clans in the pre-historical era. Much of the recorded history of Ashalar is dominated by the Lydian Empire, which invaded from the mysterious, jungle-enshrouded islands and peninsulas to the south. Lydia was responsible for constructing many of the major cities of Ashalar, including Nakkiel and Windspire.

After several hundred years of peaceful rule, the Lydian empire began to collapse from within and was forced out by a union of the clans. This resulted in a major power shift within the clans themselves, leading to the establishment of the nine clanholds that later came to rule the Ionian empire.

The final remnant of the Lydian empire in Ashalar was the Windspire Trade Consortium, which continued to control and operate out of Windspire during this period. By this time, the Consortium was already the keystone in the economy of Ashalar, and had since its establishment operated a militia tasked to protect the company’s assets. Given the general lawlessness of the region during this period, and the threat posed by orc and gnoll raiders, the clanholds gave consent to the Consortium to continue the operation of this militia. The militia grew in strength over a period of several decades.


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