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Easy Target [Revision]
Player’s Handbook, Page 119
Replace the Hit line with “2[W] + Dexterity modifier damage, and the target is slowed (save ends) and grants combat advantage to you until the end of your next turn.”
Status: Open for dicussion


I’m okay with this revision – Knitsuge

Saving should be examined unless we want to house rule every power that is affected by “save ends” -tps

I disagree. Most things that are affected by “save ends” effects everyone (the target is blind, etc.), but Easy Target affects only you – “grants combat advantage to you.” If it granted combat advantage to you and your allies I would have no problem with him getting a save before your next turn. -Knitsuge

The effects of Easy Target aside, the current saving system is broken. A flat roll, not affected by the attacker’s or defender’s abilities / feats / etc. doesn’t reflect the training / development side of the game. A contested roll, or one modified by X attribute as appropriate to the roll, does make sense. Yes, that is a 3.x mentality, but it does make more sense than a flat roll. I believe WotC was trying to prevent the impossible save situation we’re all familiar with by implementing this rule. One suggestion: increase the standard DC for a save to 15, but make it a d20 roll + relevant ability modifier. -tps

Saves serve a vastly different function in 4E, one that is tied closely to the powers system. 4E saves don’t prevent effects, as they did in 3.x. That functionality is currently tied to the powers themselves. The “save” is the attack roll. If it hits, the target receives the effect, no further rolls required, and that mechanic is intimately entwined with the overall gameplay balance. 4E saves allow one to shake off effects that have already manifested, and given the number of effects/conditions that could potentially arise in a single combat, having anything other than a flat roll becomes a major bookkeeping issue. That being said, the effect of a daily power should not have a 55% chance of being shaken off before the attacker has the first chance to take advantage of it, especially when the miss condition for the same power does not allow that possibility. Thus the modification to Easy Target. -Todd

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